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What can I do for you?

Dialogue editing & ADr

In post-production, you might find that the recorded dialogue is disrupted by on-set noises, distractions, and generally – sounds unclear or not clean. As part of this service, I edit the production recording, and if needed, use the ADR technic to ensure the dialogue sounds as intended. After re-recording the character in the studio, I seamlessly integrate it back, ensuring a better-quality sound.

Sound Design & Editorial

Adding sound FX into the soundtrack brings the picture into life! With sound FX you can help the narrative by emphasizing specific elements contributing to the story. 

With a strong combination of vast sound FX library that includes original collection, experience, and a creative mind, the sky's the limit!


Footsteps, cloth movement and every sound FX that needs to be suited exactly to the character’s actions has to be recorded from scratch.

Foley art is the sound technique to do that, and has the power to take your film to the highest levels!


Composing original score is a major challenge. The music has a significant effect as it has the power to change the tone of the entire film. Orchestra? electronic? acoustic? we will decide together what is the right way to approach your film.


Mixing all elements: Dialogue & ADR, Sound FX, Foley, and Music, is the last step in the sound post-production chain.  5.1 surround mix for cinema or 2.0 stereo mix for T.V are the most common formats. Are you excited already?!

Want to know what your film needs?

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