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Tragicomedy, Film

A young man gathers up the courage to hit on a lady on the street, who is a newcomer at his hometown. They immediately click. After having sex, they decide to spend the weekend together. They toss out their former lives and become totally committed to one another until they reach a mutual decision to die in each other’s arms before the weekend is over. The Angel of Death shows up and offers her help.

“I want people to look at their own lives and make them think about death in a positive and funny way”, These were director Dor Aviram’s words to me before I started working on the film. Creating music that talks about death while incorporating happy and comic motives is kind of confusing, and I’m glad that we found the right compromise between those two opposites. 

Director: Dor Aviram

Cast: Ishai Ben Moshe, Orit Peres, Gilat Ankori, Alona Nahmias

Original Score: Dan Ben Haim

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